Every Home Should Be
A High Performance Home.

Jigsaw believes that beautiful, comfortable well-
designed homes can also be energy efficient and
affordable. We challenge the status quo, embrace new
technology, and innovate new building techniques in
our pursuit of the perfect, sustainable home.

Comfortably Modern

We have been building homes in Calgary for nearly 10 years and in each of those years we have been working to perfect the art of the 'Comfortably Modern' home. A home that has a perfect balance of leading edge architectural design and technology combined with warm and rich materials. We believe that a well designed, well built home can enhance the lives of those living in it.

Jigsaw + Echohaven

Jigsaw is proud to be building High Performance homes in EchoHaven, a sustainable community at Rocky Ridge in North-West Calgary. This small neighborhood of 25 homes with a beautiful, natural setting focuses on quality of life, minimal environmental footprint, healthy and extremely efficient homes, solar heating strategies, and water conservation initiatives. www.echohaven.ca

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