How We Do It

Jigsaw's approach to home building is unique in the industry. From the initial concept, we continually refine and revise our project plan to keep design goals, performance considerations, and the budget in balance. Each pillar informs the decisions made in the other two, throughout the building process.


We pay close attention to metrics and are constantly evolving our building practices to yield long-term benefits to our customers' comfort and health. During construction, our homes are put through rigorous performance testing that far exceeds the industry standard. Quality assurance includes thermal imaging, blower-door tests, indoor air quality tests, and energy modeling reviews.

A high performance home will contribute to improved comfort and health for the occupants and will be more durable over the long term. Improved indoor air quality, better heat distribution throughout the home, and lower monthly utility bills and maintenance costs are important qualities of these homes.

We gauge the energy efficiency of Jigsaw homes using the Government of Canada's EnerGuide Rating System. Our ultimate goal is to produce high quality, near-zero & net zero homes that generate as much energy as they consume, at no additional cost to the homeowner.


Every home can be as unique as its owner. We listen to our clients and plan new homes around their specific wants and needs. Factors like square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms desired, architectural style, and the level of interior features and finishes are captured and planned for. Need a special use area like a library or a music practice space? Our team will work with you to make it happen. In addition our design process includes detailed energy modeling, dynamic budgeting and value optimization.


Ultimately, all home building decisions are accountable to the budget. That said, the budget provides useful constraints for what's possible in the areas of design and performance.

After the initial budget has been established, creative solutions, stringent cost controls, and smart concessions on features, finishes, and efficiencies will keep spending under control and construction on track.

We take the budget seriously; it is not just a suggestion. As such we have developed a rigorous cost control system that provides continuous feedback during the construction phase to ensure projects come in on budget.